The Ted Cruz Debacle

Despite how much I disapprove of Ted Cruz, I think a Ted Cruz presidency is still somewhat better than a Trump presidency (not that Ted has a chance to win general election due to his far right credentials).

What Ted Cruz should do and can do, even in terms of political attacks, should be public and not something sneaky like spreading rumors and falsehood. He can attack Carson for Carson’s inexperience; he can attack Rubio for Rubio’s immigration policies; he can attack Donald Trump for Trump’s temperament. These are fair game. But sneaky dirty tricks in spreading rumors and falsehood are not and should be off limits. Even Trump doesn’t do those things. It’s fair to say that Ted had no one to blame but himself for decisions and actions such as these.

Spreading rumors and falsehood during a political campaign smearing your opponents (plural) is not only not respectable as a politician, it is not Christian. You have lost the trust of GOP evangelicals, many of which would rather vote for Trump but not you during the South Carolina Primary. That speaks volume.


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