We Are All Liberals

“…Liberalism (Enlightenment Liberalism)…[is] the grand Western Liberal tradition that professes to affirm ‘value neutrality’ and regards the autonomy of the individual as not only an intrinsic good which democratic government can guarantee but also as a foundational good which trumps all other values.”

“…liberalism (lower case l), is the recent political tradition which values comprehensive government in the modern welfare state…conservative (lower case c) [is] the corresponding tradition of minimalist government…All three (liberals, conservatives and neo-conservatives) participate in the larger Enlightenment Liberal culture…Even conservative politicians like Margret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan are Liberals in the larger, more comprehensive sense; indeed, most modern Americans are Liberals…given our virtually ubiqutous commitment to individual freedom and the sovereignty of personal rights. This is why it is hard for Christians to recognize the tacit tension between their Christian and democratic faiths.”

— reading summary of “The Limits of Liberal Democracy’ (P23, Scott Moore)


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