Thoughts and Reflections on Super Tuesday 3

Today’s primary results will very likely determine who the GOP presidential nominee will be (or would it?).

Despite my fear of a Donald Trump victory, he very well could be the eventual GOP nominee. For many of us, we did not see this day coming. But come to think of it, this kind of anger from a portion of the American society that Trump seemingly represents, is hardly alone. The kind of anger, feeling of marginalization, sense of betrayal and neglect by the political class, rising national sentiment/nativism, protectionism against immigrants and foreign countries, have been brewing in the Western world as of late.

All of these have been manifested in some of the elections held in the western world. We have seen that in the French and the German elections, in which right-wing political parties representing that anger have emerged as powerful political forces to be reckoned with, capable of overthrowing the political establishment from power.
Now it is coming to America, albeit with a slightly different twist.

We must be able to understand the frustration, anger, feeling of marginalization and sense of betrayal. People are fed up, a group some called the “silent majority” are fed up with and distrustful of political elites on both sides of the political aisle.

We must be able to empathize and to some extent validate those feelings. But, I do not believe venting anger by electing Donald Trump is the rational and right thing to do, simply because he talks like the ones who felt marginalized and angry, and that he doesn’t care about “political correctness” or even being correct, period. If the mass is distrustful of the political establishments, they shouldn’t find the often flip-flopping Donald that trust-worthy. They will be sorely disappointed, very soon. Donald Trump cannot address the anger of the marginalized, he is not even the right messenger.

But, people do not care, I get that. No amount of reasoning can reverse that. This time around, not even the right-wing tea-party rebels like Ted Cruz who repeatedly posed headaches to the GOP establishment is good enough, and this group of people choose Donald Trump instead.

Some said a Trump nomination (and perhaps a Trump presidency) would be a crisis for the Republican Party (and our country), other would say perhaps it could also well be a catalyst that might lead to a rebirth of the GOP, and eventually the Party will readjust and realign. We will be ok eventually. But still, there is a feeling of resignation and perhaps uneasiness over a Trump nomination and presidency on my part.

I guess we will find out tonight.

May the Lord have mercy on this land.


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