A Commentary on Left-wing and Right-Wing Populism

I have said this all along for so long, I am afraid of a Trump’s presidency that would bring right-wing fascistic populism.

Trump hasn’t started his presidency yet, there is enough irrational populism, if not outright fascism going around in this country already. The president-elect’s silence on these emboldened racists, will equate to or be perceived as an endorsement. He had been reluctant during his presidential campaign to denounce the likes of David Duke and the KKK, white supremacists who endorsed his candidacy. As the President-elect and the president, what you say or do not say, mean a lot. Welcome to the presidency, Mr. Trump. Can you handle it?

This is not to say that racial problems under a leftist president was any better, Black Lives Matter or BLM while promoting their political agenda, has turned into a kind of racist movement as well, as “only black lives matter” and no other lives matter? Racism against Asians in the United States largely go unaddressed, with a rapper YG releasing a video encouraging those in the black community to rob and hunt Asian business owners. It’s just entertainment they say, treating it as no big deal. In a last few months, several such incidents occurred (there were so many more such cases). I have not seen any left-wing big-name politicians or so-called “civil rights leaders” address this issue, leaving many Asian American business owners to arm and fend for themselves (1992 LA riot, sounds familiar?). What you say or do not say, mean a lot. Mr. Obama, Mr. Al Sharpton, Mr. Jesse Jackson, you couldn’t handle it, or did you care?

As a Reformed Christian, I harbor no illusion that social ills can be cured by government public policy alone. It is only in Christ, with the power of the Gospel through the transforming power of the Holy Spirit, can the wall of hostility be destroyed between groups (Ephesians 2). But, still, as a Christian citizen, I, we, have a responsibility to keep our political leaders accountable for their actions and inactions, when they do not faithfully fulfill their mandate and duty to carry out justice (Rom 13). They too, have a duty before God.


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