Book Review: A New History of Christianity in China

All around us are the debris and the artifacts of the“post-Christian West,”and taking shape on the horizon is post-Western Christianity.” I would guess that it is here, in the kingdom of post一Western Christianity, that China may contribute something out of the treasure trove of her own rich Christian history. – Daniel Bays, concluding remarks in “A New History of Christianity in China.”

It is indeed a great scholarship done by Prof. Bays (Calvin Seminary; PhD University of Michigan), a sequel of his edited book “History of Christianity in China” written 20 years ago. This new volume is rather comprehensive, but with good breadth and right depth, quite easy to consume the information presented. Good introduction for someone interested in learning about the history of Christianity in China, including both Catholicism and Protestantism. I regret, however, that Prof. Bays left out one important development in this book, which is the development of Reformed Christianity in China. However, contemporary issues related to Christianity was probably something not of priority for this book. Overall a very good read, and informative for a book on an expansive subject, written in mere 200 pages. Hopefully a second edition would correct the number of typos I found in the book.


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